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How to Enrol and Start Classes


Different ways to enrol

If you already have a CPR. nr., you call us at Tel. 44 20 07 70 to make an appointment for a visitation. The visitation is a half-hour interview where we determine which programme and level is suitable for you. We then contact the municipality (kommune) that you live in to confirm that you are entitled to Danish Education. When we receive this confirmation, you can start classes. You will receive a letter in the mail with information about your first day and your schedule.

If you do not have a cpr. nr., you are not entitled to Danish education yet. You have to either wait until you get a CPR. nr. or pay your own tuition. If you would like to pay your own tuition, the cost of one lesson (45 min.) is approximately 100 DKK and you have to pay four weeks in advance. Please contact the administration for more information.

If you have studied Danish at another school or want to return to your studies after a break, please contact the administration.

If you are no longer entitled to Danish education but have reached a certain level of Danish proficiency, you can enrol in FVU courses that are focused on reading and writing skills. You gain access to FVU if you have a level equivalent with module 5 in Danish Education 2 and module 4 in Danish Education 3.
If you are a student at Ballerup Sprogcenter, please talk to your teacher about FVU.
If you are not enrolled, please call or e-mail the administration to apply.

Types of enrolment:

Your municipality decides your type of enrolment at Ballerup Sprogcenter. There are two types:
1. Labour Marked oriented Danish (Intro Danish)
2. Ordinary Danish Education

1. Labour marked oriented Danish

The majority of adult foreigners begin their Danish studies as Intro Danish students. Intro Danish consists of 250 lessons that at Ballerup Sprogcenter are taught as an integrated part of the ordinary Danish education programmes. If you complete the 250 hours within 18 months you are given a placement test and gain access to further 3 years of ordinary Danish education.

2. Ordinary Danish Education

You are enrolled in ordinary Danish education when you have completed Intro Danish, if you are a refugee, or if you have been granted Danish residency through family reunification.

The Ordinary Danish Education Programmes

There are three programmes offered in ordinary Danish education: Danish Education 1, Danish Education 2 and Danish Education 3. The three programmes are not consecutive, which means that you do not start with Danish Education 1 and then proceed to 2, etc. The three independent and separate programmes are designed to meet your specific needs and qualifications, and you are therefore placed in either 1, 2 or 3. All three are completed with a state standardized test.

Danish Education 1 is designed for students with none or very limited schooling and for those with no knowledge of the Latin alphabet. The programme is completed with Prøve i Dansk 1

Danish Education 2 is designed for students who have attended school between 8 to 10 years. The programme is completed with Prøve i Dansk 2.

Danish Education 3 is for students with a minimum of 12 years of education and it is completed with Prøve i Dansk 3.

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Time for classes

Classes in the morning:

8.30 - 11.45 am

Classes in the afternoon:

12.15 - 15.30 pm

Evening classes:

5.20 - 7.50 pm